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  1. Representation of Women and Men in Science in Slovenia
  2. Representation of Women and Men in Science in top scienti fields
  3. Genders’ Multiple Orientation
  4. Participation of Genders in Education
  5. Progress of Women in Pursuing Higher Education
  6. Women’s Positions in Scientific Projects
  7. Women’s Participation in Scientific Programs
  8. Participation of Top Organization Teams in Scientific Projects by Gender
  9. Employment Outlook in Science By Gender

Source: ARRS, November 2008

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Distribution of Science Jobs by Gender (absolute value)

Distribution of Science Jobs by Gender (in percentage)

Top 15 Employers by Gender

Top 15 Scientific Positions By Gender

Interesting Stats

In which scientific positions women are not minority?

In 2007, women were majority in only one out of top 15 scientific positions (position no. 11 - Assistant).

There were total of 102 women holding an assistant position in comparison to their male counterparts (82).

Women are more likely to hold on to their assistant positions even after obtaining their PhD degree, as they are not assertive enough in getting full professor position in their chosen field but rather carry on as an assistant to other professors.

Top 15 scientific positions:

01 – Assistant (researcher, BSc degree),

03 - Assistant with a PhD degree,

34 - Assistant professor – scientific associate,

36 - Full professor – scientific councilor,

35 - Associate professor – senior scientific associate,

02 - Assistant with an MSc degree,

04 - Scientific associate,

05 - Senior scientific associate,

21 - Developer,

06 - Scientific councilor,

22 - Senior developer,

24 - Development associate,

11 - Assistant,

23 - Freelance developer, Ljubljana,

64 - Research & development councilor