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Historic Rejection Letters to Women Engineers
The Society of Women Engineers recently shared a trove of astonishing documents from the group's archives. They're letters, loads of them, all directed at women engineering students who had contacted various universities about their interest in connecting with other women studying engineering. Lou Alta Melton and Hilda Counts, both students at the University of Colorado in 1919, were trying to start their own professional society. Their letters - and the many responses they received - are part of the Society of Women Engineers sprawling archives, which are housed at Wayne State University in Detroit.
Posted on 03 Jun 2017
Meet These Incredible Women Advancing A.I. Research
The artificial intelligence is eating the world, transforming virtually every industry and function. Meet the brilliant AI researchers and technologists driving the edge of innovation. Incredible breakthroughs occur when talented and diverse thinkers collaborate, pooling together unique backgrounds, disciplines, expertise, and perspectives. Holistic and inclusive thinking is even more important in the field of AI, where the inventions have pervasive and exponential impact. This list of 20+ leading women in AI research is not comprehensive. Far more talented people contribute to the field than we can quickly summarize in a single article. All of the women featured here overcame personal and professional challenges to achieve incredible impact and become leaders and role models for the industry.
Posted on 03 Jun 2017
WANTED: Woman in STEM, An Exploration of Influental Factors, Their Proffesional Journey and Ways to Foster Change
WITI (Women in Technology International) and 451 Research partnered to better understand the impact of gender in the workplace, specifically in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. The survey was conducted in April/May 2016 and completed by 1,100 respondents, who are members of the WITI organization. Participants were asked about early life decisions and influences, mentoring and support, career choices and experiences, and opinions on the underrepresentation of women in STEM. Did you know that while 44% of women in STEM careers are looking for a leadership position, only 13% have actually achieved their goal by being promoted to one? This survey shines a light on this and other facts that show that women are still facing challenging road blocks in the workplace.
Posted on 18 May 2017
Shirley McCarty: WITI Hall of Fame 2003 Induction Video - Women In Technology International
Shirley McCarty is an incredible woman and a pioneer in both computer and software development and technology management for the aerospace industry! Check out her inspiring career history in her 2003 WITI Hall of Fame induction video.
Posted on 18 May 2017
Can early experiences with computers, robots increase STEM interest among young girls?
A study from the University of Washington's Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) finds that, when exposed to a computer-programming activity, 6-year-old girls expressed greater interest in technology and more positive attitudes about their own skills and abilities.
Posted on 09 May 2017
How to Know if You Have a Leader You Should be Working For
Link to the interesting article, in which Will Marre talks about empowering women professionally and how to know when your boss is more than just a manager, but actually a true leader.
Posted on 09 May 2017
10 Tips For Women Who Want To Pursue A Career In IoT
The Internet of Things is continually expanding at a fast pace, we expect it to revolutionize a broad range of sectors. Many women have reached the top of the industry, confronting the gender gap and showing that it can be made. The world is continually evolving, and technology plays a crucial role in this respect. The development of the IoT industry, known as the Internet of Things, is expected to impact the business realm, in a significant way. According to US Technology firm Gartner, the IoT is anticipated to reach 26 billion units installed, by 2020. That is translated in no less than $1.9 trillion in global economic value. At the moment, the IoT is revolutionizing all sectors. The transportation, hospitality and travel sectors, along with industrial manufacturing, represent industry areas that have invested heavily in IoT.Nonetheless, considering that the Internet of Things is continually expanding at a fast pace, we expect it to revolutionize a broad range of sectors. All this outlines one thing: the IoT is growing, and it is going to increase furthermore.
Posted on 05 May 2017
The Lost Female Geniuses of History
What makes a genius? Is it science, genetics, or good old-fashioned luck? That's what journalist Claudia Kalb set out to research in What Makes a Genius?, her newest article for the May 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine. Kalb looked into the science of genius, researching and interviewing those trying to figure out just what elevates someone from being simply intelligent to transforming history. When it comes to common factors in genius, curiosity is certainly a big one. Others include intelligence, perseverance, productivity, and simple good fortune.
Posted on 28 Apr 2017
How Inventive ''Genius'' Hedy Lamarr Became a Hollywood Tragedy
Watch a new clip from an upcoming documentary that explores the actress's fascinating history as a brilliant inventor - and her heartbreaking end.
Posted on 28 Apr 2017
Apple CEO Cook says 'US will lose its leadership in technology' unless more women are hired
In a rare interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that society, including the tech community, is not moving fast enough on issues like equal rights and diversity. ''I think the U.S. will lose its leadership in technology if this doesn't change,'' Cook said to The Plainsman, the student newspaper at his alma mater. ''Women are such an important part of the workforce. If STEM-related fields continue to have this low representation of women, then there just will not be enough innovation in the United States. That's just the simple fact of it. ''Diversity is ''incredibly important,'' Cook told the newspaper. He also touched on his platform as the most high-profile gay executive in technology.
Posted on 16 Apr 2017

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