Women in Science Profiles


Dr. Ajda Fosner and Dr. Maja Fosner

Already in our childhood we often heard our father say "… and mathematics was my favourite subject …" We often took his notes from secondary school and faculty. At that time they seemed like something we could play with, however, functions, derivatives and integrals slowly guided us into a completely new world which we grew up in. Now we know that these notions changed our way of apprehending the world and people around us.

At school we were lucky to have good teachers of mathematics. We took part in mathematical competitions and achieved good results. After we had finished secondary school, we both decided to study mathematics, although as good pupils we had many different choices. What followed were four years of student life. After we had successfully defended our BSc theses, our research work took different directions: Maja became a young researcher and Ajda assistant trainee. Already then we wrote scientific articles together, which still gives our work a special charm. We both had good menthors who helped us to finish our PhD degrees very quickly. Afterwards we started working as assistant professors: Maja at the Faculty of Logistics in Celje, Ajda at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Maribor and at the Faculty of Management in Koper. We are also active members of the research group at the Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics in Ljubljana.

Mathematics is a treasury of wonderful ideas and surprising connections. It is a world that fascinated us already in the early childhood, a world that left a lasting mark on our lives. We form an inseparable whole: not only because of our family, mutual friends and because we like to spend our time together – the reason for this is also mathematics.






Women in Science Profiles