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Millennium physicist' ready to take helm at nuclear center>
Fabiola Gianotti, who this week takes the helm at CERN, home to world's largest particle accelerator, is seen as a new breed of scientist. Initially trained in arts and literature, she came to physics relatively late. She enjoys cooking, jogging, music and keeping her eye on the news, and notes the importance of being 'a citizen of the world.' Gianotti 'embodies for me what's much more the millennium physicist,' said Dr. Monica Dunford, senior scientist at Germany's University of Heidelberg, who spent six years at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research. 'Not so geeky, much more well-rounded, diverse, passionate.' 'Fabiola brings freshness to science: She's incredibly energetic, incredibly passionate, has a lot of different talents. ... She has a degree in piano in addition to physics,' Dunford said. Gianotti, who succeeds Germany's Rolf Heuer as director-general on Jan. 1, becoming the first woman to hold the post, insists she doesn't want to be 'front stage' at the multinational laboratory on the Swiss-French border: Her bigger focus is about helping produce science for science's sake in the quest to explain the how the universe works.
Posted on 29 Dec 2015
9 Inspiring Female-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
A list of the podcasts you can subscribe and listen to regularly. Each show below can teach, inspire and motivate you - albeit in entirely different ways. If you're on an entrepreneurial journey or aspire to be someday soon, shows like these are a goldmine.
Posted on 29 Dec 2015
Analyzing The Subtle Bias In Tech Companies' Recruiting Emails
A year after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella backpedaled from a gaffe at a women's tech conference and announced a major employee diversity push, Microsoft reported in November that roles for women in its tech positions had actually gone down. At the same time, roles for African Americans and Latinos had barely budged, with them holding just over 6% of tech jobs at the company. Results for other major technology firms, despite their public pledges, aren't much better. Which can lead to the question: Is all this talk of diversity just empty words?
Posted on 15 Dec 2015
The Deficiencies of Tech's 'Pipeline' Metaphor
Tech industry leaders are constantly talking about the so-called ''pipeline problem.'' On corporate stages and at academic conferences, CEOs and activists pledge their commitment to ''fixing the pipeline for STEM'' - the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math - by which they mean they want to get more young women and people of color into the coursework (and, ideally, the internships) that will eventually turn them into attractive job candidates for tech companies.
Posted on 15 Dec 2015
Top 10 Ways Families Can Encourage Girls' Interest in Computing
Technology is a fast-growing, high-paying, creative field. Here are 10 ways that you, as a family member, can encourage the girls in your life to study, and have a career in, computer science and related technology fields.
Posted on 01 Dec 2015
Computer Science - Children's Reading List
A link to the list of books promoting computer science for elementary, middle and high school children.
Posted on 01 Dec 2015
Why Women are Uniquely Equipped to Drive Successful Tech Companies
The roles of a woman at home and as a team member in tech companies are remarkably similar. In both scenarios, it's crucial to take on a diverse variety of responsibilities. It's not uncommon for women to switch from role to role in daily life - and have no problem doing it. This ability is essential for tech companies who need team members to handle an influx of responsibilities at once and effortlessly glide from one role to the next. As the buzz around getting more women in tech is skyrocketing, I wonder: Are we doing it simply to level out the playing field in a competitive, booming industry? While gender equality is essential in the workplace, bringing more women into the tech industry shouldn't just be about fairness or equality. It comes down to merit. Women are uniquely equipped to thrive in and drive tech companies. Because of our experiences and gifts, women can take tech to a whole new level.
Posted on 13 Nov 2015
CODEGIRL documentary shows high school girls that they too can use tech to change their communities
The documentary that follows the 2015 Technovation Challenge, in which girls from all over the world code mobile apps to address problems in their communities.
Posted on 13 Nov 2015
Women preferred for STEM professorships - as long as they're equal to or better than male candidates
Since the 1980s, there has been robust real-world evidence of a preference for hiring women for entry-level professorships in science, engineering, technology and math (STEM). This evidence comes from hiring audits at universities. For instance, in one audit of 89 US research universities in the 1990s, women were far less likely to apply for professorships - only 11% - 26% of applicants were women. But once they applied, women were more likely to be invited to interview and offered the job than men were.
Posted on 22 Oct 2015
How LinkedIn embeds diversity goals into day-to-day management
You can often tell much about how seriously a company regards a new strategy or initiative by whether or not someone's compensation is tied to its success. Erica Lockheimer, Linked's director of engineering growth and women in tech, somewhat casually mentioned that 20% of time - and therefore a portion of her salary and bonus - is tied to the social media company's overall diversity goals.
Posted on 22 Oct 2015

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