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15 unsung women in tech you should know about
The first programmers weren't men, and the first computers weren't machines. What they were, in both cases, were women. Women's many contributions to technology are frequently left out of the history books. But lately, that's been changing - at least a little. Ada Lovelace, considered the first computer programmer and a visionary for what programming and computers could eventually become, has a technology award named after her, and a holiday devoted to celebrating her legacy. Katherine Johnson meanwhile, the NASA ''computer'' responsible for successfully plotting the flight paths of some of America's earliest space exploration expeditions, was the subject of the Hollywood blockbuster Hidden Figures (and the book it's based on).
Posted on 13 Mar 2018
What's Keeping Women Out of Tech?
The tech industry is booming, but where are the women? Women now hold a lower share of computer science jobs than they did in the 1980s - the tech industry has expanded, but opportunities for women have shrunk.
Posted on 13 Mar 2018
The Ultimate Science Playlist
If you are looking for the ultimate science playlist that features songs like ''Why Does the Sun Shine,'' ''Pi'' and ''Chemical Calisthenics'',The Inside the Perimeter has you covered!
Posted on 01 Mar 2018
This engineer created a fool-proof plan to overcome shyness - and it led her to jobs at Apple, Google, and now Microsoft (MSFT, AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)
Sophia Velastegui's process for overcoming shyness is a plan that can be used by anyone, shy or not, to boost their career.
Posted on 19 Feb 2018
Marie Claire Murekatete on the Life-Changing Experience of GHC
Last year, Rwandan social entrepreneur Marie Claire Murekatete joined the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) to accept her Change Agent Abie Award. This Abie Award honors an outstanding international woman who has created or expanded opportunities for girls and women in technology, especially those in developing countries. Discover how Marie Claire's experience at GHC impacted her and her work, and learn how you can nominate someone for an Abie Award.
Posted on 10 Feb 2018
The DIY Girls - How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless
An article about group of teen girls who learned to code, solder, sew and 3D print to invent a solar-powered tent for the homeless.
Posted on 10 Feb 2018
How One Scientist Broke Through the 'Brick Wall' for Women in Chemistry
A story about Burroughs Wellcome researcher Gertrude Elion who was back at work in the lab after being named a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 1988. Elion and coworker George Hitchings were chosen for the honor for their work in developing drugs to treat leukemia and AIDS.
Posted on 29 Jan 2018
The Dangers Of Keeping Women Out Of Tech
Computer science is one of the few STEM fields in which the number of women has been dropping. But as the president of Harvey Mudd College, Maria Klawe has been able to boost the proportion of women in its CS program to an impressive 40 percent.
Posted on 29 Jan 2018
The most common excuses for not having enough women leaders are myths
From the Golden Globes to this week's World Economic Forum in Davos, the topic on every group of leaders' agenda is ''women.'' Thanks to movements like -MeToo and -TimesUp, and given the prospect of a record number of women running for office, women's voices are being heard like never before. But if we want what's been dubbed ''The Year of the Woman'' to be more than a slogan, we also need significant numbers of women heading our biggest companies and institutions, the organizations that can drive real change. And that won't happen unless we recognize that the world still operates under a set of assumptions- we prefer to call them myths -that hold women back from reaching anything near parity in the upper ranks. These myths go something like this: If only women would be more assertive. If only they would raise their hands and take more risks. If we could just fix the women, then the leadership roles that have so long eluded women would be theirs.
Posted on 29 Jan 2018
Microsoft president says there would be fewer reports of sexual harassment if more women were in leadership positions
Microsoft President Brad Smith says there were would fewer reports of sexual harassment if there were more females in leadership positions. Diversity is a major issue in tech industry, says Smith, also chief legal officer. Microsoft is taking ''concrete steps'' to address diversity issues, he argues.
Posted on 11 Jan 2018

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