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Why do we need multidisciplinary research in ICT?
A blog post written by Koen Bertels, head of the Computer Egineering Laboratory, Delft University of Technology about multidisciplinary research in ICT. He claims that sometimes, the starting idea may seem trivial and overly simple. However, when we explore it further and discover its complexity, we realise that we require a multi-disciplinary approach in order to fully unravel its potential. In other cases, it is immediately apparent that the complexity to find a solution transcends the boundaries of individual scientific disciplines.
Posted on 04 Oct 2015
The Obstacle Course: Women Leaders In Tech
Women leave technology at twice the rate of men and a diminishing percentage of them are able to advance to senior and executive roles. Why? This presentation discusses the barriers women face when trying to advance and what industry can we do about it.
Posted on 16 Aug 2015
Do women need a tech degree to succeed?
Silicon Valley CEO conducts a survey with about 100 female tech entrepreneurs and finds that 84 percent don't have science, technology, engineering or math degrees. Everyone from top tech executives to President Barack Obama have said that a degree in science, technology, engineering or math will help more women get jobs in Silicon Valley. But a new survey shows that's not necessarily true.
ukhinder Singh Cassidy, CEO of Joyus, a startup that creates short videos for online shopping, published the results of a survey that she conducted among roughly 100 female tech entrepreneurs. The results were published on ReCode on Wednesday and show that 84 percent of the entrepreneurs don't have so-called STEM degrees.
Posted on 19 May 2015
Career Girls
Tips for girls who want career in science and technology.
Posted on 11 May 2015
Explore Resources for Women Undergrads in Science, Engineering
The lack of women in science and engineering has long been a sore spot within the U.S. education system, and it's not getting any better. From 2004 to 2014, the share of bachelor's degrees earned by women decreased in engineering; computer sciences; Earth, atmospheric and ocean sciences; physical sciences, mathematics, biological and agricultural sciences; and social sciences and psychology, according to a recent report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.
Posted on 27 Apr 2015
Top 10 Ways to Increase Girls' Participation in Computing Competitions
The link to the list of relatively simple steps can go a long way toward increasing girls' participation in computing competitions. Taking these steps also improves these competitions for all students.
Posted on 25 Apr 2015
Should women consider a career in cybersecurity? Absolutely!
Link to the article discussing how to get young women involved in careers in technology. Cybersecurity is an ever-present issue with companies and individuals suffering attacks daily. At Cisco believe that protection from threats does not rely on a single technology or solution, it incorporates both the processes and of course, the people. It is predicted that by 2017, an additional two million security professionals will be needed, but what many young people - particularly women - underestimate, is how rewarding and far-reaching a career in cybersecurity can be.
Posted on 25 Apr 2015
'Gents', 'Fellas', 'Boys' - How Language Is Telling Women They Don't Belong
An article by kate van Dellen about the importance of the language used at the workplace.
Posted on 18 Apr 2015
Increasing Women in STEM Starts with Men
Link to the article where Colleen Layman, SWE's FY16 president, shares her perspective on partnering with men on diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Posted on 18 Apr 2015
The new women warriors: Reviving the fight for equal rights
The last Equal Rights Amendment campaign failed to pass by its 1982 deadline. Now the fight for the ERA is heating up again. Women still suffer injustice everyday and leaders such as Bettina Hager, the D.C. director of the ERA Coalition, are spearheading a rekindled fight for equal rights.
Posted on 18 Apr 2015

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