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ECWT in the e-skills ILB Autumn Newsletter
The Autumn edition of the e-skills ILB Newsletter includes two references to the European Centre for Women and Technology: (1)The newsletter presents detailed information about the Launch of the European Directory of Women and ICT by the Commission on the 8th of October 2009 and (2) The summary of HP e-skills-initiatives helping the youth of today prepare for the digital world reports about on-going work between HP and the ECWT towards launching an ILB initiative that aims to increase the number of women in ICT professions in Europe.
Posted on 23 Dec 2009
Aequus Partners Diversity and Flexibility
This newsletter examines women in leadership, and in particular women on Boards. Recent results from studies conducted in Australia and the UK tracking the proportion of women in executive roles and on Boards, including changes over time, show that progress is underwhelming (if indeed any has been made). Does Board representation matter? Yes, according to US research which demonstrates a connection between women in Boards, women in senior executive positions and financial performance. So what are the remedial strategies? A roadmap for change at Board level as well as an award winning innovative case study regarding mentoring is profiled.
Posted on 01 Dec 2009
The aim of the European 6FP project UPDATE (Understanding and Providing a Developmental Approach to Technology Education) is to improve science and technology teaching in Europe in order to appeal young people to technology, especially girls. It presents research results, examples of good practice, new learning material, and events focusing on three age-groups mainly: early childhood, elementary school (age 6 to 12) and general education (age 13-18).
Posted on 30 Nov 2009
The British computer society (BCS) is the leading professional body for those working in IT. BCS have over 68,000 members in more than 100 countries and are the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP). It is also an international awarding body for a wide range of qualifications for both users of IT and IT specialists. BCSWomen is the BCS Specialist Group that provides networking opportunities for all BCS professional women working in IT around the world. The Group's main objective is to provide support for female IT professionals, as well as mentoring and encouraging girls/women to enter IT as a career.
Posted on 30 Oct 2009
European Directory for Women and ICT (EUD)
European Directory for Women and ICT (EUD) is an interactive platform which brings together all relevant initiatives and information on activities and jobs in the EU related to women and ICT, as well as provides a European network of women in the sector. The Directory gathers in one place all news, activities, legislation, statistics and job offers related to women in ICT, to give an overview of what is happening in the field across Europe, and establish web-based collaboration between the different actors with the goal to develop new services.
Posted on 30 Oct 2009
GetSET Women
GetSET Women is a unique resource in the world of science, engineering, technology and the built environment (SET). It is managed and run by the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (UKRC).
GetSET Women is a great way for women to raise their profile. Each member has their own profile page and GetSET Women web address. The site is open to the public, and people searching for women by skills, experience or location can look for contacts, speakers or potential committee members. GetSET Women can also help members expand their network and find the right network for them. Regular GetSET Women newsletters keep members (and interested public) up to date with events and opportunities for women in SET and news from other members.
Posted on 30 Oct 2009
Margolis and Fisher document the astonishing gender gap in the field of computing by answering the question of why female interest in technology begins to wane in middle school and all but dies in high school. The authors argue that male dominance in information technology can be traced directly back to cultural, social, and educational patterns established in early childhood. Women, therefore, are vastly underrepresented in one of the most economically significant professions of the twenty-first century. After countless hours of classroom observation and interviews with hundreds of computer science students and teachers, the authors offer an array of formal educational reforms and informal practical solutions designed to rekindle and to nurture female interest in computer design and technology.
Posted on 07 May 2009
On-line writings about women and computer science.
Posted on 07 May 2009
In Germany every 4th Thursday in April, technical enterprises, enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities and research centers are invited to organize an open day for girls in the age of class 5 to 10, so girls have a chance to gain an insight into occupations that are traditionally perceived as man's occupations. The aim of this action plan is to expand girls' spectrum of career options. More information about the project at www.girls-day.de.
Posted on 03 Apr 2009
Link to Nancy G. Leveson's transcription of panel presentation at the CRA Snowbird meeting on educational pipeline issues for women.
Posted on 13 Mar 2009

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