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Women In Tech: The Essential Winter News Review
Women in technology are making some outstanding advances in the industry, promising great hope and encouragement for those entering the sector, in spite of some lingering challenges. We look at some of the biggest news to affect women in the tech sector in recent months.
Posted on 03 Dec 2014
Diversifying gender in Engineering faculty
Davidson, a Weiss professor in the Computer and Information Science department of the Engineering School, laments that being a minority - a female faculty member among mostly males - has added obstacles to her academic career. “If you’re aggressive as a women you’re seen as nasty, [and] it is hard to be in control of a class and not be perceived as being aggressive,” Davidson said. She is one of the few women on the Engineering School’s faculty, which is around 13.5 percent female overall.
Posted on 03 Dec 2014
InnovationWomen Kickstarter Aims to Empower Female Entrepreneurs
Look around the room at most conferences, seminars, trade shows and panels and things are bound to look a little lopsided gender-wise. And as a result, the discussions are disappointingly one-dimensional. Where are all the women? The fact is that there are plenty of noteworthy female entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge to offer at these events - they simply aren’t getting the exposure they deserve. That’s the issue that inspired a new Kickstarter, Innovation Women. This project, which is spearheaded by PR pro and Mass Innovation Nights founder Bobbie Carlton, seeks to give talented female tech professionals and entrepreneurs some more visibility. The idea is to make it easier for women to share their expertise, while also making it easier for event managers to find and secure quality female speakers.
Posted on 03 Dec 2014
How Women Entrepreneurs Can Accelerate to Break Out Growth
Only 3-5% of startups are led by women. Even though the number of women-led startups is tiny, they tend to be highly successful when they have access to resources. Kaufman report described in Bloomberg BusinessWeek found that ''…women - led high tech start-ups are ''…more capital - efficient, achieve 35% higher return on investment, and - when venture-backed - generate 12% higher revenue than male-owned tech companies…''
Posted on 03 Dec 2014
It is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Management and Scientific Committees of EUROMAT2015. We invite you to attend this next conference in the EUROMAT series which will be hosted in Warsaw, on 20 - 24 September 2015. The venue will be the Warsaw University of Technology, the oldest and the largest technical university in Poland. The conference will be centred in the beautiful setting of the 19th century main building of the University. The programme will include plenary lectures, parallel sessions and poster presentations. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed for quality and impact. Accepted abstracts will be assigned to oral or poster sessions, and will appear in the programme booklet. An industrial exhibition will accompany the event and a social program as well.
Posted on 25 Nov 2014
100Women in STEM Program
You are a women entrepreneur with a story to tell us. You could be anywhere in the world but your story is full of surprises that made you stronger. And better. You showed resilience and worked against all odds. Its time for us to celebrate you.
Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Slovenian National Committee for Women in Science invites for debate
Slovenian National Committee for Women in Science invites for debate
Ethical, Accountability, and Gender Perspectives: New Relations in Science
Date: 19th September 2014,
Location: SAZU, Novi trg 3, Ljubljana
Posted on 12 Sep 2014

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