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Purdue enrollment in computer science doubles in five years
Undergraduate enrollment in Purdue's Department of Computer Science has more than doubled since 2012, a circumstance that will help fill a national shortage. In recent years, educators and employers in computer science have received a wakeup call: They need employees to fill the hundreds of thousands of vacant jobs in the field, especially women and underrepresented minorities, according to a Purdue press release. About 530,000 computing jobs are open nationwide, and the National Center for Women and Information Technology predicts that only 41 percent of jobs in the field will be filled by 2024.
Posted on 01 Sep 2017
Workshop of the Micro-Nano-Bio Systems cluster of EU funded activities; Amsterdam, 12.-13.12 2017
MNBS 2017 will emphasise on translating technologies into competitive, validated and manufacturable products to impact citizen's life & industry. The programme will include oral and poster presentations from EU-funded and other MNBS related Research & Innovation projects and invited sessions, bringing technologies and solution providers closer to business and to end-users.
Posted on 22 Aug 2017
Help Your Kids Love Math And Science, Even If You Don't
You can engage even little kids in science play, building it right into everyday activities. Your preschooler can sort laundry into lights and darks - that's math play. Your school age child can count change - that's math play, too. Not sure how to get started with math and science play? These resources offer ideas for kids from preschool to high school.
Posted on 22 Aug 2017
What the Science Actually Says About Gender Gaps in the Workplace
Former Google engineer James Damore was hardly the first person to argue that biological differences between men and women determine career outcomes. Many people - even smart, science-minded ones - have asserted that biological differences can explain the gender gap in math, engineering, and science. A 2005 Gallup poll found that 21% of Americans believed men were better than women in terms of their math and science abilities (though 68% believed men and women were about the same). The fact that this argument keeps coming up means that we need to engage with it and clarify which claims are supported by evidence and which are not.
Posted on 22 Aug 2017
What 11 CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity
The business case for diversity is clear. Diversity can boost innovation and employee engagement, and companies with greater gender and racial diversity financially outperform their peers. Yet progress within organizations has been slow - there is still a lack of women and minorities in leadership positions, and certain industries like tech and finance are lacking diversity at all levels. And many diversity programs fail. Based on evidence that diversity initiatives are more effective if they start at the top, read the interview of 11 CEOs .
Posted on 22 Aug 2017
Survey Finds Women in Tech Get Punished for Reporting Harassment
After noticing a tech industry influencer posting in a start-ups and entrepreneurs' Facebook group, 18-year-old Lydia Jones sent him a polite message asking if he knew any local members of the tech industry who could mentor her. But his response tried to take the conversation in a totally different direction.
Posted on 22 Aug 2017
STEM To Market - A Unique Program Tailored to the Needs of Women in STEM
STEM to Market combines your scientific expertise with the specialized knowledge, mentorship, and community you need to build a solid foundation and navigate the challenging technology transfer and start-up worlds. STEM to Market is the first accelerator produced by a company with 46 years of experience in advancing the careers of STEM women. We are excited to meet you and travel with you on your commercialization journey.
Posted on 13 Aug 2017
Apply for NXP Foundation Women's STEM Leadership Forum & Student Achievement Awards
Kick off your WE17 conference week in Austin with the NXP Foundation's prestigious event recognizing the brightest young women students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics world-wide. On October 25, 2017, in Austin, Texas, the NXP Foundation will proudly launch the inaugural Women's STEM Leadership Forum to honor the best and brightest young women and their academic and innovative achievements. In addition to an exceptional line-up of speakers and panel discussions, the Forum will offer attendees an extraordinary opportunity for professional interface and dialogue with some of industry's top female technology leaders.
Posted on 13 Aug 2017
Colleges Have Increased Women Computer Science Majors: What Can Google Learn?
A Google engineer who got fired over a controversial memo that criticized the company's diversity policies said that there might be biological reasons there are fewer women engineers. But top computer science schools have proven that a few cultural changes can increase the number of women in the field.
Posted on 13 Aug 2017
Gender pay gap much smaller at tech companies with more female execs, study finds
Tech companies with more women in leadership enjoy some unexpected perks. In addition to improving salary equity among men and women, they also have higher rates of employee satisfaction and lower employee turnover, according to a new report from Redfin and PayScale. The two Seattle-based companies worked together to study how a higher percentage of women executives impacts a company. They discovered that women at companies with high rates of female executives women earn 91 cents for every dollar men earn. At companies with low rates of female leaders, they earn 77 cents, based on the median incomes of male and female employees at each company. Redfin and PayScale also compared the salaries of men and women at similar job levels with comparable years of experience. By that criteria, companies with high rates of female executives paid two cents more for every dollar than men in similar roles earned. For example, female employees at those companies make $98,000 when their male counterparts make $100,000.
Posted on 13 Aug 2017

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