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Australian IT Employment Set To Increase
Analyst firm Longhaus has released a report finding that Australian CIOs are feeling optimistic about future business potentials, sparking an increased demand for IT talent in coming months. The report found that an increased number of business projects in Q3 this year could result in more approvals for ICT projects, and therefore employment, in Q4.
Posted on 01 Dec 2009
Female technologists dream of being their own boss
Results from a recent survey of almost 400 women in IT show that the majority of female technologists dream of being the boss. When womenintechnology.co.uk asked attendees of its recent career development event W-Tech "what is your dream job?" over 50 (14 per cent) gave answers such as "entrepreneur", "running my own business" or "CIO".
Posted on 01 Dec 2009
Workshop on Business models for Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio Systems, 11 December 2009, Brussels, Belgium
This workshop will focus on the business and market impacts of some of the key cognitive radio and cognitive networks solutions currently being developed by the industry and the E3 Project. The event will feature an introductive session with official presentation from European Delegates, then dedicated sessions focusing on business and regulatory perspectives, technical concepts and solutions, and standardization and exploitation roadmaps. Participation to the day programme of the workshop is free of charge, but prior registration is required.
Posted on 01 Dec 2009
First International Conference on Computational Creativity, 7-9 January, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the exchange of ideas on the topic of computational creativity in a cross-disciplinary setting. It will bring together people from AI, Cognitive Science and related areas such as Psychology, Philosophy and the Arts who research questions related to the notion of creativity as it relates to computational systems. This focus on creativity in the context of computational systems has the potential for increasing innovation in existing fields of research as well as for defining new fields of study.
Posted on 01 Dec 2009
Israeli scientist Ada Yonath was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry
Israel's Nobel winner: People called me a dreamer Israeli scientist Ada Yonath, a leading researcher in the structural biology field, was awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday, the Nobel committee in Stockholm announced.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009
ICT sector to lead the way on climate and energy targets
The European Commission today called on Europe's information and communication technologies (ICT) industry to outline by 2011 the practical steps it will take to become 20% more energy efficient by 2015. ICT equipment and services alone account for about 8% of electrical power used in the EU and about 2% of carbon emissions. But using ICT in a smart way could help reducing energy consumption in energy-hungry sectors such as buildings, transport and logistics, and save 15% in total carbon emissions by 2020. The Commission recommends that the ICT sector adopts bold energy efficiency targets by 2011. It also asks EU countries to agree on common specifications for smart metering by the end of 2010.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009
USAB 2009 – Human-Computer Interaction for eInclusion, 9 - 10 November 2009, Linz, Austria
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) pervaded many parts of our daily lives. Due to its flexibility (multimedia connected with multimodality) it offers a huge potential for people with disabilities and others with functional limitations to interact with electronic systems and services. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the central place to adapt the interaction to a diverse set of user needs as well as the entry for people with disabilities making use of standard accessibility and usability features or using Assistive Technologies (AT) which enable the interaction with HCI. This opens up doors to a more independent participation in many aspects of our ''digital lives''. This potential of ''Interfacing the Interface'' by enhanced usability and accessibility for people with disabilities can only be exploited if HCI takes accessibility and usability requirements into account. Guidelines, regulations and legislations are in place asking for an according answer from developers, designers, engineers and usability / accessibility experts.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009
SciTech Europe 2009 - Innovation across Europe, 12 November 2009, Brussels, Belgium
This event will bring together industry stakeholders, academic experts and policy makers to outline a collaborative approach to European science and technology frameworks. The conference will provide an opportunity to create new networks, promote debate and propose a better understanding of how initiatives can benefit science and technology strategies, knowledge and prosperity.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009
Conference "Women in Europe: reaching parity", 19th November at the European Parliament in Brussels
Women represent 51.2% of the European population. As part of its work towards the debate on women's place in Europe, the Robert Schuman Foundation is organising a conference ''Women in Europe: reaching parity'' on 19th November at the European Parliament in Brussels together with the FAES, the Karamanlis Institute, Ano Pro Evropu, Ithaka and with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009
European e-Skills Conference, 20 November 2009, Brussels, Belgium
The European e-Skills conference on 20 November 2009 in Brussels will address: The crucial importance of ICT professionalism for the EU economy and society; the progress of the implementation of the e-skills strategy and projects; the road ahead for a coordinated strategy to foster ICT professionalism, e-skills and innovation for economic recovery. The conference is organised by the European Commission and the European Economic Social Committee in partnership with CEPIS and in cooperation with the e-Skills Industry Leadership Board. The event will be hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee. It will bring together experts from governments, academia, ICT industry, ICT professional bodies and other stakeholders.
Posted on 04 Nov 2009

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