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Navigating Motherhood Challenges in Tech
Join DiverseUp and Girls In Tech for an event in which some of the best and brightest female leaders in technology will share their unique stories about thriving in tech while raising children and discuss their efforts in helping the industry retain the female talent. The event will feature a moderated panel discussion and Q&A followed by a networking session.
Posted on 07 Jun 2016
Hey, Startups! Gain Access Top Female Software Talent
See how you can widen your talent pool and make a positive impact on diversity at the same time. Girls in Tech are seeking quality software startups who are interested in rock star software dev interns.
Posted on 07 Jun 2016
Women in Technology: Skilled in Engineering, Development & Design
The BBC is taking part in London Technology Week by hosting an exciting Women in Technology event on Tuesday, June 21. This free recruitment evening is inviting women to visit the BBC at its iconic central London headquarters to take a behind the scenes look at the various software applications used by the BBC for its audiences in the UK and across the world. The event is open to women who are experienced software engineers and developers as well as women who have recently graduated with a Computer Science or Software Engineering degree.
Posted on 07 Jun 2016
CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap
On June 1, Hightail hosted an exclusive screening of CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, a documentary that explores the lack of female and minority software engineers in Silicon Valley and shows how this gap can be closed.
Posted on 07 Jun 2016
History of Pioneering Women Engineers Survey
Calling ''womenengineers'' - who graduated from college in the 1970s! Please tell us about your experiences by completing this short survey. Dr. Laura Ettinger, Associate Professor of History at Clarkson University, will be using this information for her BOOK on your generation of pioneering women engineers. The survey is for women who earned undergraduate degrees between 1970 and 1979, with majors in engineering, or with other majors but who worked as engineers at some point in their lives. Women who did not remain in engineering, or in the workforce, are strongly encouraged to participate
Posted on 01 Jun 2016
Getting Smart on Global Education and Equity
For students to participate effectively and become successful in this changing world, they must first understand it. Equipping students with specific skills to compete in a global job market is important, but cultivating their abilities to effectively share ideas and communicate across cultures in appropriate and respectful ways is critical. Regardless of location, socioeconomic status or cultural background, all students are equally deserving of educational experiences that prepare them to be globally competent by receiving instructional practices that consistently engage global content, multicultural perspectives and problem solving across subjects. Today's students need global education. VIF International Education and Getting Smart partnered to create Getting Smart on Global Education and Equity in order to examine the characteristics of globally competent students closely, and address how K-12 institutions can utilize global education practices to equitably prepare all students for success.
Posted on 01 Jun 2016
A Third of GitHub Employees Are Female - But Just 2% Are Black
The Silicon Valley company is the latest to release its employee demographics. Yet another Silicon Valley company has chosen to release its diversity numbers to the public: GitHub. The company joins a long list of other tech players, from Apple to Airbnb, who have disclosed the demographic breakdown of their employee base. And though Github's report shows its male/female ratio is pretty much in line with the dismal industry average, the data also reveals that they've made significant improvements over just 18 months. That progress has been a deliberate initiative on the part of the company's chief executive officer, following a scandal that left the GitHub's name tainted, especially with women in Silicon Valley.
Posted on 01 Jun 2016
Witi Announces 2016 Hall Of Fame Inductees
WITI (Women in Technology International), the leading global business organization for women in technology with more than 150,000 members worldwide, announced its 2016, annual Hall of Fame winners who will be honored at WITI's 22nd Women In Technology Annual Summit which will be held in San Jose, CA from June 5-7, 2016 at DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose. An awards ceremony will be held from 5:00-6:30 PM, followed by a special celebration to meet these exceptional women. The WITI Hall of Fame, considered to be one of the most prestigious honors for women in technology, was established in 1996 to recognize, honor, and promote the outstanding contributions women make to the scientific and technological communities that improve society and business. The winners are also acknowledged for demonstrating a commitment to supporting and mentoring women and girls worldwide.
Posted on 25 May 2016
Girls in Tech Catalyst 2016 Video
Catalyst is Girls in Tech's largest event of the year. As a three-day event designed to celebrate women and provide a platform for candid discussions, it brings together women at all career levels and from all corners of the globe. Catalyst attracts luminary speakers from Silicon Valley who speak to topics ranging from innovating and the changing digital landscape to finding your career sweet spot and sources of startup funding. The most recent Catalyst event brought more than 450 people to Hotel Palomar in Phoenix, Arizona in April. In case you missed it: Check out this video from the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference this year. It features interviews with some of the today's top tech leaders. See what they have to say about GIT, diversity in the workplace and the conference overall.
Posted on 25 May 2016
How Google, Pinterest, And Others Use Internships To Push Their Diversity Initiatives
Pinterest joined a growing number of companies, including Atlassian, Airbnb, Autodesk, and Twitter, in hiring a dedicated person to lead diversityinitiatives; still, significant change takes time, and the numbers haven't budged that much. Each of the new appointees acknowledge there is work to be done, not only to diversify the employee pool, but to make companies more inclusive. Some companies are looking to make an impact at the earliest point of the talent recruitment process: They're diversifying members of their internship programs. The potential ripple effect is huge.
Posted on 25 May 2016

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