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Mom-daughter program helps encourage more girls to pursue STEM degrees
FARGO - Six-year-old Gowri Pillai has a simple reason why she likes building things: ''They're really cool.''
After assembling a small derby race car, Gowri said it was ''easy.'' She was one of about 20 girls who, along with their mothers, participated in a half-day of hands-on activities hosted by the Society of Women Engineers, or SWE, at North Dakota State University here.
Posted on 18 Apr 2015
WITI 2015 SUMMIT - May 31st - June 2nd, San Jose, California
The WITI Summit is the annual gathering of tech-savvy women, held in the heart of Silicon Valley. Executive women, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders from around the world converge to collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges; explore new business opportunities that underscore how technology is powering change; and build and expand strong connections in a welcoming networking environment of women committed to helping each other succeed.
Posted on 18 Apr 2015
Early bird registration open: Graphene Week 2015
The conference is commissioned by the Graphene Flagship, with support from the University of Manchester, the National Graphene Institute (NGI), and the City of Manchester. Its focus is on science, technology and emerging applications of graphene, related 2D materials and heterostructures. The scientific programme of the Graphene Week 2015 will address following areas: Fundamental physics of graphene and related 2D materials, Chemistry and biology studies of graphene, Applications of graphene and related 2D materials in electronics, photonics, spintronics, and sensors, Applications of graphene in energy, including photovoltaics, energy storage, fuel cells and hydrogen storage, Graphene-based nanocomposites: recent scientific studies and applications, Graphene-related health and environment research, Overview of graphene in biomedical applications and Large scale graphene production.
Posted on 09 Apr 2015
NCWIT Tips: 8 Tips for Announcing Your Workforce Diversity Numbers
Releasing the diversity demographics of your technical workforce is important for stimulating open conversation and measuring efforts to increase diversity in your organization. These tips will help you plan the release of this data and take follow-up steps to implement meaningful change efforts toward increasing diversity.
Posted on 09 Apr 2015
How Stereotypes Can Drive Women To Quit Science
Walk into any tech company or university math department, and you'll likely see a gender disparity: Fewer women than men seem to go into fields involving science, engineering, technology and mathematics. Over the years, educators, recruiters and government authorities have bemoaned the gender gap and warned that it can have dire consequences for American competitiveness and continued technological dominance. It isn't just that fewer women choose to go into these fields. Even when they go into these fields and are successful, women are more likely than men to quit. "They tend to drop out at higher rates than their male peers," said Toni Schmader, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia. "As women enter into careers, the levels of advancement aren't as steep for women as for men.
Posted on 09 Apr 2015
Want More Women Working in Tech? Let Them Stay Home
Everyone has their theories about why there aren't more women in technology. Some say it's that women aren't studying computer science and therefore aren't applying for jobs in the field. Others say it's due to a certain degree of bias in an industry where predominantly male leaders hire predominantly male employees because they see similarities between themselves and their hires. But Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry say there's another reason, which is that tech companies aren't giving women-particularly mothers-the flexibility they need to raise a family and pursue their careers at the same time. ''There are two bad choices for women: go back to the office full-time or slowly lose your career because you can't go back to the office full-time,'' Zaleski, a former editor at The Huffington Post, explains.
Posted on 09 Apr 2015
Grace Hopper Celebration ABIE Awards - Nominations are open
At the Anita Borg Institute, they celebrate and highlight the success of women technologists. Through their achievements and life stories, the ABIE Award winners demonstrate that each of us has the power to improve our world, individually and collectively. At the Institute they are inspired by the award winners' examples, moved by their sacrifices, and stirred by their extraordinary commitment to excellence, progress, and creative problem- solving. The Anita Borg Institute has created a set of awards to honor women making significant contributions to technology. Recipients will be honored at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration Conference in October 2015 in Houston, Texas.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
The CHAIN-REDS project: ambitious objectives translated into concrete achievements
CHAIN-REDS is a FP7 project co-funded by the European Commission aiming at promoting and supporting technological and scientific collaboration across different e-Infrastructures established and operated in various continents, in order to define a path towards a global e-Infrastructure ecosystem that will allow Virtual Research Communities (VRCs), research groups and even single researchers to access and efficiently use worldwide distributed resources (i.e., computing, storage, data, services, tools, applications).
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
Call for applications for Students, Young Researchers and Innovators - ICT 2015
Are you passionate about ICT, under 30 and academically involved in this fast-paced sector? Do you want to meet the international scientific community, European ICT entrepreneurs and European policy makers present at ICT 2015? Interested in actively contributing to debates and participating in networking events? ICT 2015 offers to 40 of the most outstanding students, researchers and innovators from a country and university entitled to receive EU funding within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the opportunity to participate in the conference and join the debates in ICT of specific interest to the young generation, join the networking sessions and talk with ICT enthusiasts coming from research, politics, industry, start-ups, investors, and academia, conduct interviews and communicate with the world through social media, discover what Europe does to boost innovation, and play an important role in selecting and awarding the best exhibition stands.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
Guide for Students, Young Researchers and Innovators - ICT 2015
ICT 2015 offers more than just an entrance ticket to interested young people. Motivated and engaged students, PhD students, young researchers, and young innovators and/or entrepreneurs are welcome to apply and represent their peers at this event in Lisbon. Students, researchers & innovators will be able to interact, communicate, participate and discuss at the ICT 2015 event. They will be grouped based on their background and interests. Each group will be given different tasks to perform during the event.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015

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