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The CHAIN-REDS project: ambitious objectives translated into concrete achievements
CHAIN-REDS is a FP7 project co-funded by the European Commission aiming at promoting and supporting technological and scientific collaboration across different e-Infrastructures established and operated in various continents, in order to define a path towards a global e-Infrastructure ecosystem that will allow Virtual Research Communities (VRCs), research groups and even single researchers to access and efficiently use worldwide distributed resources (i.e., computing, storage, data, services, tools, applications).
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
Call for applications for Students, Young Researchers and Innovators - ICT 2015
Are you passionate about ICT, under 30 and academically involved in this fast-paced sector? Do you want to meet the international scientific community, European ICT entrepreneurs and European policy makers present at ICT 2015? Interested in actively contributing to debates and participating in networking events? ICT 2015 offers to 40 of the most outstanding students, researchers and innovators from a country and university entitled to receive EU funding within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the opportunity to participate in the conference and join the debates in ICT of specific interest to the young generation, join the networking sessions and talk with ICT enthusiasts coming from research, politics, industry, start-ups, investors, and academia, conduct interviews and communicate with the world through social media, discover what Europe does to boost innovation, and play an important role in selecting and awarding the best exhibition stands.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
Guide for Students, Young Researchers and Innovators - ICT 2015
ICT 2015 offers more than just an entrance ticket to interested young people. Motivated and engaged students, PhD students, young researchers, and young innovators and/or entrepreneurs are welcome to apply and represent their peers at this event in Lisbon. Students, researchers & innovators will be able to interact, communicate, participate and discuss at the ICT 2015 event. They will be grouped based on their background and interests. Each group will be given different tasks to perform during the event.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
When most people think of an inventor, they think of someone like Thomas Edison: a grizzled, older man, tinkering alone in a laboratory. It's an ingrained archetype - but that doesn't mean it's true. The truth is that there have been many female inventors throughout history; it's just difficult to tell exactly how many, thanks to restrictive laws. Until the late 1800s it was against the law for women to file patents in their own names, meaning everything they created would have been filed under their husband's or father's name. But that doesn't mean they haven't left us a wonderful legacy of products and technologies pivotal to modern living. Especially to the modern man. Find out 8 inventions by women.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
Everyone knows that Marie Curie is the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize. Most people know that she won twice. Few people know she is one of only two Nobel winners ever to win in two different sciences... and even fewer know the names of any other women who've been awarded a Nobel Prize in a scientific field.
Thankfully, more brilliant scientists have embraced the example set by Curie and continued her legacy, becoming pioneers for future female scientists in their own right. Here are our Top 8 most inspiring female Nobel Prize winners in all scientific fields.
Posted on 01 Apr 2015
eCult Observatory - where Technology meets Culture
The eCult Observatory is an on-line platform where cultural heritage stakeholders - museums , technology providers from EU projects or SMEs, researchers, museologists or young museum geeks - can find a place to share knowledge, interact and get information on technology solutions and museum needs. The eCult Observatory was developped within the eCultValue project, a coordination action co-funded by the European Commission, which investigated during 24 months technology solutions stemming from EU projects and national initiatives. Five partners from Italy (ESOCE), Slovenia (KIBLA), the UK (EMF-the Forum of e-Excellence, the European Museum Forum), and Greece (ATHENA RIC) brought together cultural heritage representatives, technology developers and researchers to engage in a dialogue and to showcase technologies susceptible to enhance the access to and experience of cultural heritage collections.
Posted on 17 Mar 2015
Silicon Valley is cool and powerful. But where are the women?
Every day, news outlets publish stories on the challenges facing WomenInTech. Women are extremely under-represented in the industry. Of the string of presentations made that day, only a few were made by female entrepreneurs. The founder doesn't recall a single woman on the panel of investors judging the startups and the audience was mostly male too. The problems are linked, says Caroline Simard, research director at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. When women are drastically under-represented it creates the conditions under which such behaviour can thrive.
Posted on 17 Mar 2015
GIST Tech-I Competition 2015
The GIST Tech-I Competition is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from emerging economies worldwide. Aspiring innovators submit their ideas and startups online in an application consisting of an executive summary and promotional video. Their applications are then reviewed by experts and voted on by the global voting public in order to determine the finalists. Thirty finalists receive an all-expense paid trip to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), this year in sub-Saharan Africa, to showcase their ventures and to receive intensive training. Tech-I winners, selected by experts at the GES, win mini-grants, and receive one-on-one mentorship and training. The deadline for applications is Friday 20 March 2015.
Posted on 17 Mar 2015
Women on Boards: Where the U.S. Ranks
A new law in Germany highlighted a slow progress of American companies in placing women on corporate boards. Nineteen percent of directors of companies in the S.&P. 500 are women, according to Catalyst, a research firm on women in business. The United States lags many countries with advanced economies in this category, including those without government quotas.
Posted on 17 Mar 2015
Silicon Valley's Best and Worst Jobs for New Moms (and Dads)
The tech industry has a reputation for being both a wonderland of employee benefits and a place that is unfriendly to families, particularly mothers. Along with the weekly massages, travel stipends, unlimited organic snacks, and casino-themed happy hours are stories of women who are stigmatized and punished for having children, overworked employees who feel they will never be able to balance family and a career, and entrepreneurs who are told by their advisors not to hire women of childbearing age. The dichotomy is stark and puzzling.
Posted on 09 Mar 2015

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