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NCWIT Pioneer Award
The NCWIT Pioneer Award recognizes technical women whose lifetime contributions have significantly impacted the landscape of technological innovation, amplifying the importance of capitalizing on the diverse perspectives that girls and women can bring to the table. Pioneer Award recipients also serve as role models whose legacies continue to inspire generations of young women to pursue computing and make history in their own right. The 2015 winners of the NCWIT Pioneer Award are Katherine Johnson and Dr. Christine Darden! They will both be honored at the 2015 NCWIT Summit on May 19, 2015.
Posted on 09 Mar 2015
Internship at Office of Science and Technology Policy - OSTP Policy Internship Program - Summer 2015
The Office of Science and Technology Policy is currently accepting applications for its Summer 2015 Policy Internship Program. The application deadline is 11:59pm Sunday, March 15. Students who are U.S. citizens and who will be actively enrolled during the Fall 2015 semester are welcome to apply.
Posted on 09 Mar 2015
Introducing STARTIFY7: Summer academy system for young future ICT entrepreneurs
Startify7 is a two-year project that started on 1st of January 2015. The core challenge for STARTIFY7 is to connect with existing ICT enterprise training structures through our 7 thematic learning academies which will combine lean start-up training with team-building for young people.
Posted on 02 Mar 2015
How digital is your country? New figures reveal progress needed towards a digital Europe
There are plenty of digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked to benefit European citizens and companies. From shopping or studying online, to paying bills or using public services over the Internet - the Web is the answer, if the right conditions are in place. This is the conclusion of a new Digital Economy and Society Index developed by the European Commission.
Posted on 02 Mar 2015
Looking to become more involved with GHC and the Anita Borg Institute? Here's your opportunity! GHC needs close to 500 volunteers to help review scholarship applications that we receive from all over the world. Candidates must be professional (all genders welcome) from industry, academia, government, labs, non -profits, startups. Due to conflict of interests, current students cannot be members of the GHC Scholarship Committee.
Posted on 24 Feb 2015
NCWIT and Microsoft Research Kick Start Academic Programs for Attracting Women to Computing Fields
The NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund, sponsored by Microsoft Research, provides startup funds to academic programs focused on recruiting and retaining women in computing. The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) today awarded $40,000 to the eleventh-round recipients of the NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund. Sponsored by Microsoft Research, the Seed Fund provides non-profit, U.S. academic institutions with startup funds to develop and implement initiatives for recruiting and retaining women in computing fields. With Microsoft Research's support, the NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund has awarded 43 institutions with $505,450 to grow their technology-related outreach programs. Initiatives include professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities, hands-on training, workshops, and more.
Posted on 18 Feb 2015
Step changes by FP7 projects at the European Robotics Forum 2015
The European Commission is organising a workshop during the European Robotics Forum 2015 (#ERF) on 12 March 2015 in Vienna. Some of the successful projects supported under the FP7 work programme will present their achievements and will explain how the results can be re-used. The sessions will be followed by a panel with potential technology users who will present their perspectives on the impact of the projects in their application domains.
Posted on 18 Feb 2015
Call for Exhibition - ICT 2015 Innovate Connect Transform, 11th February - 30th March, Lisboa, Portugal
The ICT 2015 Exhibition will be an integral part of the three-day event alongside a policy conference and networking sessions. We invite interested parties to submit a proposal for an exhibition showcases by 31 March 2015 18h00 CET. If you have A high-tech prototype to show, Results from an advanced research project ready to display, Innovative products less than 2 years on the market, then you can come and join.
Posted on 11 Feb 2015
More Diversity Means More Business: A New UIC Study Reveals the Corporate Sense to Common Sense
In order to remain competitive in today's global markets, workplace diversity and inclusion is increasingly becoming a business necessity in addition to a social responsibility - according to a new study by a University of Illinois Chicago professor, employers with the most diverse workforces also report higher performance in year-end reports. Business performance factors were measured based on average annual sales revenue, number of customers, perceived market share, and relative profitability. In all four categories, the most diverse firms showed numbers at least one and a half times greater than the least diverse. Most strikingly, the mean revenue for organizations with low levels of racial diversity approximated $51.9 million, while the most diverse organizations topped off around $761.3 million. For gender diversity, companies with the highest levels of inclusiveness reported an average of 15,000 more customers than those with the lowest levels.
Posted on 11 Feb 2015
Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing a Diverse Technical Workforce: Data Collection and Strategic Planning Guidelines
Developing a diverse workforce must be treated like any other critical business issue. NCWIT released a guide that can help you collect important data and develop a strategic plan for increasing the meaningful participation of diverse groups in your organization.
Posted on 11 Feb 2015

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