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Computer Science Graduate Making An Impact On Women In Tech
Meet Malika Kapri, president of the Girls Who Code chapter at Georgia State and computer science major. This soon-to-be graduate recently accepted a full-time position to work for EY as a technology consultant helping businesses implement software. After listening to several panelists during a Girls Who Code event on Georgia State's Atlanta Campus, computer science major Malika Kapri knew she’d made the right decision to pursue a career in tech. What she didn’t realize at the time was how underrepresented women are in STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - jobs across the United States. Kapri, originally from India, said she wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of women aspiring to work in STEM. Women make up one third of the STEM workforce in the U.S., according to a National Science Foundation report. Kapri, who graduates in December, has helped mentor women at GSU, even helping organize the school’s first all-women hackathon event called HackHers. At HackHers, sponsored by Girls Who Code, participants were tasked with creating a code, a presentation, a physical product or an app mock-up that would enhance the everyday lives of women. Representatives from Google, Uber, FanDuel, AT&T and Southern Company were in attendance.
Posted on 30 Dec 2023
Seattle for the 2024 NPA Annual Conference; Seattle, 15th – 16th March 2024
Don't miss out on the chance to network and hone your professional development skills at the 2024 NPA Annual Conference! The NPA Annual Conference is the largest national conference and networking event dedicated to the postdoctoral community. Conference attendees - postdoctoral scholars, administrators, faculty, and representatives from disciplinary societies, industry, and corporations - are provided with the opportunity to gather and enhance their professional development and leadership skills.
Posted on 30 Dec 2023
Girls Who Code launches ‘GirlJams’ to help girls create their own original AI songs
Mojo Supermarket continues its innovative work with Girls Who Code by rolling out GirlJams, described as “an AI songwriting experience” that helps girls play around with artificial intelligence, a field that’s largely male dominated. Created with digital studio Buttermax, GirlJams invites girls to create a song using multiple AI technologies, while also learning the basics of AI generally. User supply a prompt for the subject matter of the song, and ChatGPT generates the song title and lyrics. They also input the genre of music (pop, hip-hop, etc.) and the feel of the song (upbeat, soulful, etc.) - as well as a prompt for Stable Diffusion to create the album art.
GirlJams then produces a demo of the song for users to share.
Posted on 30 Dec 2023
Manufacturing & Technology Innovations With Catherine Hunt Ryan of Bechtel
Catherine Hunt Ryan, President of Bechtel’s Manufacturing & Technology business, joined us on Diverse: a SWE podcast to talk manufacturing, technology, and leadership! Recorded live at the WE23 Diverse Podcast Studio, Catherine explores recent legislation and trends that are shaping the manufacturing landscape in this interview with SWE Past President Dayna Johnson. Listen to the episode, sponsored by Bechtel.
Posted on 14 Dec 2023
AWIS Historical Women: Alice Hamilton
Alice Hamilton was an American physician, and an expert in the field of occupational health. While teaching pathology at the Women’s Medical School of Northwestern University in Chicago, Hamilton lived at Hull-House, treating poor immigrants for diseases often resulting from working conditions. In 1910 she was appointed by Illinois Governor Charles Deneen to head a survey on industrial illness in Illinois. This was the beginning of her long career in public health and workplace safety. In 1919, Hamilton joined Harvard Medical School as an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Medicine, making her the first woman on the Harvard faculty. Hamilton died on September 22, 1970, at the age of 101. Three months later, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Posted on 14 Dec 2023
The Woman Who Demonstrated the Greenhouse Effect
Eunice Newton Foote showed that carbon dioxide traps the heat of the sun in 1856, beating the so-called father of the greenhouse effect by at least three years. Why was she forgotten? In 1856, decades before the term “greenhouse gas” was coined, Eunice Newton Foote demonstrated the greenhouse effect in her home laboratory. She placed a glass cylinder full of carbon dioxide in sunlight and found that it heated up much more than a cylinder of ordinary air. Her conclusion: more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in a warmer planet. Several years later a Irish scientist named John Tyndall conducted a far more complicated experiment that demonstrated the same effect and revealed how it worked. Today Tyndall is widely known as the man who discovered the greenhouse gas effect. There’s even a crater on the moon named for him! Newton Foote, meanwhile, was lost to history—until an amateur historian stumbled on her story.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
The State of Gender Equity in STEM With Gender Scan Founder Claudine Schmuck
Claudine Schmuck, founder of the Gender Scan survey, joins us live in the WE23 Podcast Studio to share the latest data on the gender balance in STEM across the globe. In conversation with FY24 SWE President Alexis McKittrick, Schmuck sheds light on the challenges and opportunities faced by women engineers worldwide. She also shares data-driven practical steps to foster inclusivity in STEM at both the individual and policy levels.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
A guide for women interested in a programming career: top 20 online resources for kickstarting your coding journey
Opportunities abound for women interested in a programming career, even in the absence of any computer science background. The astonishing number of online learning options shows you’re in good company. We’ll try to decode the process for getting started as a female coder. Of all the reasons for women to be interested in a programming career, the satisfaction that comes from being a trailblazer is definitely on the list. Women in coding can benefit beyond measure from the immense range of opportunities open to female IT professionals. They can also help reset a gender imbalance that, ironically, wasn’t even part of computer science’s origin story. If a programming career sounds appealing but you aren't sure where to start, rest assured! Many women have successfully embarked on this journey, and you can too. In this guide, you can find discussions about: What programming is all about and where you might fit; Why programming is a great career choice; Women in tech - reversing a trend; Kickstarting your programming career - top 20 online learning resources and Tips for success as a woman in coding.
Posted on 16 Nov 2023
Ethics in Science: An Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Bik
After finding her own work plagiarized, Dr. Elisabeth Bik became interested in finding other cases. Since 2019, she has reported problems in over 7,000 scientific papers, and her work has resulted in more than 1,000 retractions and another 1,000 corrections. Read her interview with Sushmitha Vallabh.
Posted on 12 Nov 2023
SWE: DisAbility Inclusion Affinity Group
The DisAbility Inclusion Affinity Group was formed to build a supportive, safe community for differently abled/disabled engineers, caregivers, and allies to network and develop themselves professionally. We are a community that acknowledges the unique challenges related to having a disability (physical, developmental, invisible, and mental) or caring for loved ones while also being an engineer. The DisAbility Inclusion Affinity Group seeks to connect members for the purpose of peer mentoring, professional development, and sharing of best practices relating to navigating a successful career as a disabled person, caregiver, or ally. This AG connects members with similar backgrounds and interests for the purpose of promoting disability inclusion and to grow a community of engineers with disabilities and allies with the goal of empowering members, supporting them to be successful, and championing disability inclusion.
Posted on 12 Nov 2023

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