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A Pathway to Holistic Development and Professional Growth for Women of Color in STEM
SWE recently published a detailed report on the Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) highlighting how the program is changing the game for women in STEM, with a special focus on empowering women of color to lead and innovate. CLI’s mission is to equip collegiate members with the skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities that will enable them to become global leaders in their engineering and technology careers and to serve as a future pipeline for leaders in the SWE. Through virtual year-round programming, CLI aims to motivate, train, and support SWE collegiate members to successfully transition to the engineering workforce by providing valuable learning opportunities in order to accelerate the success of students entering the engineering and technology workforce. The report, drawn from surveys and focus groups, not only underscores key aspects of the CLI program, but also demonstrates SWE’s ongoing commitment to these principles. It presents a comprehensive analysis, addressing crucial research questions, which unveils CLI’s substantial influence on the educational and professional paths of women in STEM, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds.
Posted on 14 Dec 2023
Claudia Goldin Wins Nobel Prize In Economics For Studying Women At Work
Harvard professor Claudia Goldin was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics this morning for her research on women at work. She became the third woman in history to win the prize after Elinor Ostrom in 2009 and Esther Duflo in 2019. The awarding committee gave Goldin the prize “for having advanced our understanding of women’s labor market outcomes.” Goldin analyzed over 200 years of data from U.S. labor, and her research busted some myths about the gender pay gap and women’s participation in the labor force. In the U.S., women currently make about 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. Historically, Goldin found that differences in education and occupational choices could explain this gender gap in earnings. More recently, Goldin found that the bulk of the current earnings difference is between men and women in the same occupation. That is, when women and men hold the same job, men get paid more. Therefore, education and occupational choice cannot be totally to blame. Instead, her research suggests that the earnings difference can be blamed, at least partially, on motherhood. In one study of MBA students, Goldin and a fellow researcher found that men far outearn their female counterparts a decade after they graduate from business school. The disparities in income were predominantly tied to women’s career interruptions and a reduction in weekly work hours linked to the birth of a child.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
‘Science needs you’: The need for a diverse workforce in STEM fields
History is filled with women who’ve made enormous contributions to science. Alice Augusta Ball, a chemist, found a cure for leprosy. The first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry, Marie Maynard Daly, discovered a connection between heart health and cholesterol back in 1955. Recently, viral immunologist Kizzmekia S. Corbett led a medical research team to develop the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The impact women have made on science is life changing, but women are still underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce. Two Minnesota scientists, Bridgette Shannon and Jayshree Seth, join MPR News host Angela Davis to talk about what it’s like to be a woman in the science field - overcoming barriers and finding success in their research and individual careers.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
Postdoctoral Diversity Enrichment Program Burroughs Wellcome Fund
The Postdoctoral Diversity Enrichment Program (PDEP) provides $60,000 over three years to support the career development activities for underrepresented minority postdoctoral fellows in a degree-granting institution in the United States or Canada whose training and professional development are guided by mentors committed to helping them advance to stellar careers in biomedical or medical research. Established in 2013, with an initial 10 awards, more than 150 postdoctoral fellows have received the PDEP award to date. BWF has invested more than $9 million dollars in diversity enrichment programming and continues to provide support through a vast network of former and current grant recipients. Beginning with the 2023-2024 grant cycle, BWF and the Charles H. Revson Foundation are proud to announce a collaboration aimed at expanding diversity and inclusion in the scientific research community. This partnership supports minority scientists' advancement and enhances their contributions to various fields of research. Through PDEP, the Charles H. Revson Foundation will fund up to five additional fellowships to postdoctoral researchers at institutions located within the New York Metro area. PDEP award recipients being supported by the Charles H. Revson Foundation will be recognized as BWF PDEP/Revson Scholars.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
Inside a historic trip to Antarctica, crewed by over 100 women scientists
Since 2007, Michaela Musilová has dreamt of visiting Antarctica. As an astrobiologist, she has two goals: To identify the limits of life on Earth and to assess the possibility that life as we know it exists elsewhere in the universe. Researching how life behaves in the extreme environment of Antarctica is key for her work; microbes that manage to survive the frozen environment at the end of our world could teach us a lot about their potential beyond Earth, too. Over the years, Musilová has tried a dozen times to set sail to the southernmost continent, but it never worked out. It wasn't because her mission proposals were lacking, she says. "Unfortunately, most of the time it was because an older male colleague or professor didn't want to let me go or took my place," she recalled in an interview with Women have worked in Antarctica only since the late 1970s, prior to which they were officially banned by countries that organized research programs on the continent. Apparently, "the rigors of the continent were too great for the women and the rigors of providing separate bathroom facilities were too great for the program administrators." On her 12th attempt, the analog astronaut and former director of the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) habitat is now onboard a cruise ship on her way to Antarctica at last, with over 100 women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.
Posted on 28 Nov 2023
NASA’s Sandra Irish Wins 2023 Society of Women Engineers Award
Sandra Irish, mechanical systems lead structures engineer for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, has been selected to receive the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Resnik Challenger Medal Award for her visionary contributions to the development, testing, transport, and launch of NASA’s premier space telescope since 2006. The medal was awarded during the World’s Largest Conference for Women in Engineering and Technology or WE23, which took place Oct. 26-28 in Los Angeles.
Posted on 12 Nov 2023
Volunteer with Aspirations in Computing
Each year, the Aspirations in Computing (AiC) program receives thousands of amazing award applications from women, genderqueer, and non-binary students across the country who are interested in tech. To select recipients of the national and regional awards, volunteers of all experience levels are needed to review and score each submission. It’s a simple and inspiring way to meet and help support the next generation of computer scientists and technologists and increase much-needed diversity within STEM fields! The goal of Aspirations in Computing Recognitions is two-fold: Create a diverse talent discovery pipeline and Build a supportive community nationwide. Volunteers reviewers play a key role in recognizing and encouraging the next generation of technologists, as well as their educators and mentors.
Posted on 12 Nov 2023
Seven Ways YOU Can Help Eliminate the Barriers to Young Women’s Participation in Computing
Participation in K-12 computing classes and activities can help students discover an interest in computing and develop confidence in their ability to succeed in a tech career. But at many schools, young women are underrepresented in computing programs, and in 2017, only 23 percent of AP Computer Science test-takers were female ( A track record of positive experiences in high school (and earlier) can prepare women students to pursue a technical degree, while a lack of prior exposure can contribute to lower retention rates for women in college computing programs. What can we do to help make K-12 computing opportunities more accessible, relevant, and inclusive for young women? You don’t have to be a parent or a teacher to be concerned about young women’s access to the important opportunities provided by K-12 computing education. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that ANYONE can do to help dismantle the barriers to women’s meaningful participation in computing.
Posted on 12 Nov 2023
Measuring the Impact of DEI Initiatives; November 16 at 12 p.m. ET.
To ensure organizations drive meaningful change, tracking the impact of DEI programs is essential, however, organizations must move beyond recruitment statistics or the number of people trained. Is your organization retaining diverse employees? Are you advancing them? What has worked? What challenges are you facing?
This executive roundtable is a chance for deeper discussion among C-suite and HR/DEI leaders who have responsibilities to develop and implement workplace culture, employee engagement, and productivity strategies to support for all their employees. Possible discussion points include: Qualitative vs. Quantitative: Exploring the balance between numerical data and qualitative stories to gain a comprehensive understanding; Long-Term Effects: Recognizing that the impact of DEI initiatives may take time and understanding the factors contributing to delayed effects; Measurement Bias: Acknowledging the potential biases in data collection and interpretation and strategies to address and minimize them; Evaluating Success: Exploring the criteria and perspectives for assessing the success of DEI initiatives – from the viewpoint of underrepresented employees, DEI practitioners, and senior leaders. The goal is to create a safe space for leaders across businesses to have meaningful conversations, share frustrations, and learn from each other’s successes and challenges.
Posted on 30 Oct 2023
C3E Webinar Series
The C3E webinar series provides a forum to hear the latest on clean energy topics from women who are making a difference. The goal of the quarterly webinars is to highlight the outstanding work of clean energy professionals in various fields and to foster discussion around clean energy opportunities and solutions. Get to know the work of today’s leaders, including C3E Ambassadors and recent Awardees, by participating in an upcoming webinar, followed by a discussion session, allowing participants to ask the speakers questions, share their own ideas and experiences, engage in conversation, and network with other clean energy professionals.
Posted on 30 Oct 2023

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