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Watch: How a 16-Year-Old Pilot Built an App to Get More Women & People of Color Into Flying
A pilot’s license can cost thousands of dollars. The app Pilot Fast Track connects rising aviators with scholarships to help them chase their passion. Meet Angelina Tsuboi, a 16-year-old pilot and app developer who is using her skills and passion to provide others - particularly women and people of color - with resources to pursue careers in aviation. Her journey wasn’t easy. Obtaining a pilot’s license costs thousands - if not tens of thousands - of dollars in coursework and flight time. To fund her training, Angela put a lot of energy into searching for scholarships. The more time she spent in aviation, however, the more she started to notice that most people in the industry don’t look like her. So she sought to help aspiring pilots, especially women and people of color, gain access to aviation by developing an app, Pilot Fast Track, to connect them with a marketplace of scholarships to offset the daunting cost of flight training.
Posted on 25 Apr 2023
14 Industry Leaders Share Advice For Rising Female Tech Professionals
It’s no secret that the tech industry has struggled with diversity and inclusion—particularly when it comes to women in leadership positions. However, talent and determination have seen more and more women rising to fill top roles in technology companies, as well as many female entrepreneurs pioneering new products and services. Among the members of Forbes Technology Council are many female leaders who continue to bring invaluable talent, perspective and strength to the tech industry, and they’re eager to share what they’ve learned with the next generation. Here, 14 successful women in tech share advice and encouragement, as well as wisdom gained from their own experience, for female tech professionals who want to rise to top leadership positions in the industry.
Posted on 25 Apr 2023
Women Are Underrepresented in the Fast-Growing STEM Fields: 3 Strategies To Help Change This
To ensure we continue to discover important medical breakthroughs, pioneer groundbreaking technologies, and address global environmental challenges, we must attract the brightest minds to STEM fields. However, it's been shown that girls and young women lose interest in math and science as they move through their school years, leading to fewer women in STEM-focused careers. As someone who has devoted her career to building educational solutions that inspire all students to learn, Bethlam Forsa is passionate about developing curricula that help girls stay engaged in these subjects and see themselves in STEM careers one day. The unfortunate truth, according to research, is that women, along with Black and Hispanic workers, are underrepresented in STEM professions. Women comprise only 28% of the STEM workforce in the United States. With jobs in STEM fields expected to grow twice as fast as those in non-STEM fields, there's a window of opportunity for young women to step into this rapidly growing sector. However, if current trends persist, women face exclusion from professional opportunities. The key to shifting stereotypes lies in teaching math and science in a way that better engages girls. Here are three ways educators and parents can guide girls and young women toward the "on ramp" to STEM subjects.
Posted on 10 Apr 2023
Graduate Opportunities - Accelerate your career at CERN and take part in today’s biggest scientific breakthroughs!
What could be a better boost for your career than a work experience in one of the largest scientific experiments in the world at the cutting edge of technology, to develop your technical skills, knowledge and expertise? If you’re a recent graduate from university or a technical institute, you’re no doubt looking for the chance to make your mark. Here it is: you could spend up to three years working right at the forefront of scientific research. As a Graduate, you could join us for research work in particle physics or take part in advanced development work in a broad range of applied science, engineering and technical fields. Whichever route you take, it will be an extraordinary experience. CERN offers different categories of graduate opportunities in line with different levels of education and experience.
Posted on 10 Apr 2023
Board Elections: Call for Nominations
With a few existing board members completing their terms this year, the AWIS Board of Directors will be adding two (2) new directors for the July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2026 term. If you or someone you know would like to set the strategic direction of AWIS, share your circle of influence to grow the organization, and further the AWIS mission. You are wellcome to apply if you have any of the following skills/expertise: Accounting and auditing skills (chair the audit committee), Development/Fundraising expertise, Innovative mindset and experience transforming organizations, Knowledge of science policy and advocacy or STEM workforce experience.
Posted on 29 Mar 2023
Here Are the Skills You Need to Succeed in Tech in 2023
TECH JOBS TOOK a heavy hit in 2022. According to, 424 tech companies laid off 120,253 employees in the first two months of 2023. But it might not be as bad as it sounds. "This kind of realignment happens regularly, and often companies take the opportunity to do this under cover of an economic downturn," explains Rachel Bellow, a cofounder of Bonfire, a talent development accelerator for the rising generation of women in the workplace. If we examine hiring and firing numbers over the past 24 months, we see that companies like Meta, Salesforce, Microsoft and others have hired far more employees than they have fired, sometimes by a factor of 10. But according to LinkedIn's February Workforce Report, the industries that have seen the biggest declines since last spring are technology, information, and media (down 41 percent). To stay competitive in those fields, job seekers must keep their tech skills strong.
Posted on 29 Mar 2023
ATHENA – Gender Equality to unlock research potential
The ATHENA project is committed to strive towards gender equality, mitigating barriers to the recruitment, retention, and career progression of female researchers, and addressing gender imbalances in decision-making processes. ATHENA delivers and implements Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in 8 research performing (RPOs) and research funding organizations (RFOs). ATHENA ensures that all people, disregarding of their gender, will have the opportunities to express their potential in research and contribute to an innovative, competitive and thriving Europe society”. Women are still underrepresented in most scientific disciplines, which constitutes a waste of talents for the European Research Area. We do not need only legal and administrative supporting mechanisms, we need to replace existing unconscious bias, with a more equal, inclusive, and fair understanding and practices of gender roles.
Posted on 09 Mar 2023
First Native American Woman in Space Steps Out on Her First Spacewalk
The first Native American woman in space ventured out on a spacewalk Friday to prep the International Space Station for more solar panels. NASA astronaut Nicole Mann emerged alongside Japan's Koichi Wakata, lugging an equipment bag. Their job was to install support struts and brackets for new solar panels launching this summer, part of a continuing effort by NASA to expand the space station's power grid. Mann, a Marine colonel and test pilot, rocketed into orbit last fall with SpaceX, becoming the first Native American woman in space. She is a member of the Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes in Northern California.
Posted on 26 Feb 2023
2023 Girls Who Code Summer Programs Application
Girls Who Code offers two FREE programs in the summer: the virtual Summer Immersion Program and the Self-Paced Program. Applicants can apply for BOTH programs, if eligible, using this application. However, students can only participate in one summer program. The virtual Summer Immersion Program (SIP) is a live, virtual, 2-week introductory computer science course for currently eligible 9th, 10th, and 11th grade US students and international students ages 14-18. Through our new curriculum focused on Game Design, SIP participants will learn beginner to intermediate computer science concepts, UX design basics, and more – all while getting an inside look into the tech industry through incredible company partners. In addition to a completely free program, we offer grants up to $300 and tech support for qualifying students. The Self-Paced Program is a 6-week flexible computer science course for currently eligible 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade US students and international students ages 14-18 who prefer not to adhere to a set schedule. Self-Paced Program participants can choose to earn beginner-level badges in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web development or an intermediate-level badge in Python for cybersecurity or our new data science track. Students will also have the opportunity to build community through live advisory events and other Girls Who Code engagements.
Posted on 26 Feb 2023
The L’Oréal USA For Women in Science fellowship program awards five women postdoctoral scientists
The L’Oréal USA For #WomenInScience fellowship program awards five women postdocs grants of $60,000 each for their contributions in #STEM fields and commitment to serving as role models for younger generations. The For Women in Science program was created out of a simple belief: the world needs science, and science needs women because women in science have the power to change the world. The program is the U.S. component of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Fellowships program. Celebrating its eighteenth year in the U.S., the For Women in Science program has awarded 90 postdoctoral women scientists over $4 million in grants. L’Oréal USA partners with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to manage the program’s application and peer-review process. Each year, the program attracts talented applicants from diverse STEM fields, representing some of the nation’s leading academic institutions and laboratories.
Get more info and apply.
Posted on 09 Feb 2023

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