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Jozef Stefan Institute; Photo: Primoz Lavre/Salomon 2000

“Women in Science with Art" website aims at promoting results of Jozef Stefan Institute’s activities on promoting women in science especially in the field of Information and Communication Technology(ICT).

Jozef Stefan Institute has participated on several European projects related to the topic of women in science and has performed a broad range of activities in Slovenia promoting women in science issues.

The website also features a series of web profiles that celebrates the achievements of some of the leading female scientists in Slovenia, who contributed to the exhibition on Women in Science in Slovenia. The women come from various fields of science mainly covering topics where women are underrepresented. Their significance lays in their contribution and impact on society especially on young women and girls considering a study or career in science.

The symbol, which was designed especially for the Women in Science by the academic sculptor Dalija Sega, represents the power of female energy. It is comprised of three moons, which, together, form a downward facing triangle – an ancient female symbol. The three moons represent the three aspects of womanhood – the virgin, the mother and the old woman. By connecting them in a triangle, the artist was able to combine them into a form, which represents the source of life. The point in the middle represents the centre of the female power.

The artist in her own words:

“I was intrigued by the project, because it encourages equality and the creativity of women and also because I found it an interesting challenge to combine science and art. I created each unique piece as an encouragement for women to continue in their scientific studies as well as to explore their creativity... And also because it is good to be a woman”.

Women in Science Issues

A range of activities such as workshops, conferences, exibitions, educational activities, will provide you with better insights on women in science issues. Women maybe under-represented in some scientific fields, but are they ? Check yourself !

Women in Science Profiles

Find out more about successful women by reading inspiring selection of profiles of leading women scientists in Slovenia who in various ways colaborated with Jozef Stefan Institute on various projects and discussions on Women in Science issues.Read more...