WS Statistics

This section contains key statistical data and data visualization on Women in Science in Slovenia to investigate some interesting emerging issues and trends to address women’s representation in science and technology in Slovenia, looking both gender equality and wider diversity issues.

Current data is trying to establish a baseline and monitor improvements in women’s participation and position within these sectors, as these statistics are continually updated with the most recent statistics available and are available freely online. We provide you with statistics covering the following area:

  1. Representation of Women and Men in Science in Slovenia
  2. Representation of Women and Men in Science in top scientific fields
  3. Genders’ Multiple Orientation
  4. Participation of Genders in Education
  5. Progress of Women in Pursuing Higher Education
  6. Women’s Positions in Scientific Projects
  7. Women’s Participation in Scientific Programs
  8. Participation of Top Organization Teams in Scientific Projects by Gender
  9. Employment Outlook in Science By Gender

The statistics offered are of special interest to people undertaking research into gender equality in Slovenia along with the articles, conference announcements presented in our News and Event section. We also hope that businesses and organizations will encourage more women to enter ICT areas and supporting women themselves to further their career.

We hope that our finding will be useful to you. Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Interesting Statistics

Current data indicates that there were 6,872 women and 14,336 men working in science occupation in Slovenia in 2007. Women were 32% of all science workers and men 68%, a proportion roughly 1:2 female to male.

Did You Know ?

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