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Women with PhDs in ICT

At the Jozef Stefan Institute, we have prepared an exhibition entitled Women with PhD in ICT in Slovenia in co-operation with the Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science. With this exhibition we want to:

We have invited all women with a doctorate programme in ICT, who completed their degree at the University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor to participate in this exhibition.

By the beginning of the year 2006, 17 out of 87 women were awarded their a PhD degree at University of Ljubljana, and 6 out of 47 at the University of Maribor.

The opening of the Exhibition took place on 18. 4. 2006 at 15.00 in the hall of Josef Stefan at Jamova 39 in Ljubljana.

The exhibition is “a traveling exhibition” and it is shown at universities, institutions, government offices, high schools, libraries, etc. We invite you to visit the exhibition and see how some of the women in ICT in Slovenia think about their profession and how it is to be a women scientist.

The exhibition is currently shown

Previous exhibition showings

For comments, suggestions, praise, or if you would like to host this exhibition, simply write to us at: Darja.Brodnik@ijs.si

The project was prepared by:

Dunja Mladenic – project outline and co-ordination
Darja Brodnik – content realization and editing of materials
Dalija Sega – artistic concept and design

Video: Exhibition Openning

Exhibition Openning

Dunja Mladenic, Nada Lavrac

Project Participants