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Enwise Report

Report on Women in Science in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States

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In the Eastern and Central European countries and the Baltic States, the communist period and the transition to market economy have created a very special situation for women scientists, different in many aspects from those in the European Union and the other candidate countries.

Since the recommendations put forward in the first ETAN report 'Science policies in the European Union: Promoting excellence through mainstreaming gender equality' focused mainly on Western women scientists, they did not obviously reflect the situation mentioned above.

Therefore, among the Women and Science activities to produce gender equality in science, Action 27 of the Science and Society Action Plan aims to promote gender equality in science in the wider Europe by addressing the situation of women scientists in Central and European countries and in the Baltic States.

In this context, the Commission established the Enwise Expert Group, which worked from October 2002 until December 2003. On January 30, 2004, this Group delivered its final report, putting forward recommendations on how to improve the role and place of women in the European scientific research (European Research Area's objective) and how to increase the number of female participants from the targeted countries in the 6th Community Research Framework Programme (2002-2006), to the Commission and to the respective political and scientific national institutions concerned.

Reports and Publications
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