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The project Gender Debate in the European Research Area (GENDERA) (2009-2012) aims to facilitate the implementation of gender balance in science and create an enabling environment to integrate gender dimension into science policy throughout Europe. The project is supported by the European Commission under FP7 Capacities programme.

The project partners have collected and analysed good practices from each of the participating countries. All the good practices have contributed or are contributing to raising the number of women researchers achieving higher and decision-making positions in research organisations and higher education institutions. The collected good practices are presented in GENDERA Good Practices Database.

Synthesis Report prepared by GENDERA partners sets out the methodology used in finding and selecting the good practices, offers an overview of the selected good practices and summarises motives and benefits for change and the barriers faced by the organisation prior to the introduction or during the implementation of the programmes.

The GENDERA consortium has created a set of practical recommendations for research organisations that want to change or improve their gender equality.

Each GENDERA partner has formed National Task Force, which will propose the national action plan for facilitating the role of women in science, and will organize national workshop on the role of women in science.

GENDERA – Slovenian National Workshop "Encouraging gender equality policy" took place on December 12, 2011 at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana.

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