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SiS Catalyst: Children as Change Agents is a four year Framework 7 project funded by the European Commission. This ambitious project is about mainstreaming 'Science in Society' activities through the dual approach of practical and easy delivery guidelines and support, linked directly to a Pan-European Benchmarking and Mutual Agreement Process. The project builds on the EUCU.NET (The European Children's Universities Network) with a specific focus on raising the learning aspirations for young people, particularly those currently unlikely to progress to higher education. In this project, 'science' refers to the full range of academic disciplines.

In the Kick off Meeting of the SiS Catalyst project (Liverpool 23rd to 25th of February, 2011) the consortium partners together built an icon, which is a physical representation of their shared idea and vision of the project.
Video SiS Catalyst: Building the icon
Video SiS Catalyst: Hopes & Dreams of the Sis Catalyst consortium

A group of young people from Hillside High School come up with the statement – their vision of the future, which SiS Catalyst project partners will have in mind when forming their statement for the project: "Iťs our life and it’s our choice to go to university. We want to understand the REAL things, not what we are being told. We want to appreciate what we have got, because it might not be there in the future. We will teach OUR children to teach THEIR children to keep the history going, so we don’t forget when we grow up." We Are The Future