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  1. Representation of Women and Men in Science in Slovenia
  2. Representation of Women and Men in Science in top scienti fields
  3. Genders’ Multiple Orientation
  4. Participation of Genders in Education
  5. Progress of Women in Pursuing Higher Education
  6. Women’s Positions in Scientific Projects
  7. Women’s Participation in Scientific Programs
  8. Participation of Top Organization Teams in Scientific Projects by Gender
  9. Employment Outlook in Science By Gender

Source: ARRS, November 2008

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Do more women scientists tend to pursue higher education than their male counterparts?

No. Women scientists seeking higher education were significantly under-represented in each of the educational levels (BS, Master degree, PhD, and Specialization) in comparison to their male counterparts. Women graduated with Bachelor Degree accounted for 36% of all scientists, with Master Degree 37%, and with PhDs only 34% in comparison to men.

Data also shows significant percentage of women pursuing specialization (43 %) in comparison to other educational levels.